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Tree Trimming
We prune trees to keep growth out of power lines
To provide reliable electric service to our customers, we maintain trees along 18,000 miles of electrical line throughout all areas we serve, based on a three-year-cycle. So that means every 36 months or so we work closely with our customers to ensure the safety and reliability of our service by keeping trees out of the way in a responsible manner.
What to expect when we prune trees away from power lines in your area
Falling trees or debris from trees can cause power outages.That’s why MidAmerican Energy proactively prunes trees away from power lines. We’ll contact you before beginning tree maintenance in your area, except in emergency situations.
When we proactively prune trees, you’ll typically receive:
  • A letter mailed about three weeks before tree maintenance begins in your area.
  • A phone call, if your number is on file with us.
  • A notice from contractors completing work in your area. This may include a phone call if we have your number, or a knock on the door alerting you to tree trimming in your neighborhood.
Utility representatives may enter your property
MidAmerican Energy strives to notify you before our employees or representatives enter your property, unless it’s an emergency. To provide electric service to the community, electric tariffs or easements give most utility companies, including MidAmerican Energy, the right to enter your property.
What is an easement?
To provide and maintain reliable service for our customers, MidAmerican Energy enters into an easement, which is an agreement between the property owner, and/or the state, county, city or other local municipality.
Easements allow us to maintain the electric and/or natural gas service we provide when that extends into your property. As part of the easements, landowners typically may not plant or build anything that would disrupt this service. Easements are filed with the county recorder's office and are also on file with the utility.
Your responsibility as a property owner
  • If a tree is not growing into a MidAmerican Energy power line, you or a contractor you employ are responsible for all major tree-related work, including tree removal and pruning on your property.
  • Take proper safety precautions when pruning trees near power lines. We recommend that a qualified arborist prunes trees near electric lines.
  • If you are planning to complete work on your property near power lines, call MidAmerican Energy first at 800-799-4443 or email us at
  • After you call us, we will ensure that the work can be completed safely.
‚ÄčWho’s responsible for debris when we prune or remove trees?
  • We removes debris only when we proactively prune trees, as part of our routine maintenance near electrical lines.
  • If dead or dying trees are removed, the area is made safe and debris is left on your property. In this case, you are responsible for clean-up and removal.
  • When clearing damaged limbs, such as from a storm, from electric lines, we make the situation electrically safe, but property owners are responsible for removing the debris. We recommend getting in touch with your city or municipality for assistance.
How to connect with us about tree pruning near power lines
For any questions about MidAmerican Energy’s tree services please email us at,call us at 800-799-4443 or fill out the below tree trimming request form.