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We offer Summary Billing for customers who have three or more accounts with continuous, uninterrupted service. On Summary Billing your monthly bill will include one summary statement with one due date and individual statements for each account. You can also submit a single monthly payment for all accounts.
Why enroll in Summary Billing?
  • Receive one easy to read monthly statement with one due date and one payment stub.
  • Receive all bills in one envelope – individual bills are included to provide account details and for your records.
  • You can choose to add a 15-character identifier  to your summary bill statement for easy reference to your individual accounts.
  • You can combine our Summary Billing Program with our Budget Billing Plan and Recurring Payment Plan to make managing multiple accounts even easier.
  • You can add or remove accounts or cancel summary billing at any time.
How to Enroll
Business customers can enroll in Summary Billing by contacting our Business Advantage team