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Midmerican Energy offers a variety of programs and rebates for our Illinois customers to save money and conserve energy. Learn more about the programs we offer below and refer to our qualifications and conditions for requirements.
The New Construction program provides complimentary energy design assistance and financial incentives to help offset the cost of implementing energy-efficient strategies.
The EnergyAdvantage® Curtailment program is designed to allow MidAmerican Energy's large commercial and industrial customers in Iowa and Illinois to receive financial incentives for reducing peak electrical demand.
Heating and cooling equipment rebates reduce the out-of-pocket costs of installing new energy-efficient equipment. You will save money over the life of the equipment by reducing monthly energy bills and making your business environment more comfortable.
As a business owner, you look for investments with an attractive rate of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment.
With an on-site building assessment you can begin an insulation project to qualify for an insulation rebate.
Making the switch to energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment now can save you money on your energy and water bills for years to come.
The Commercial Energy Solutions program offers energy assessments and building optimization services to help MidAmerican Energy's commercial customers in Illinois increase the efficiency of their existing facilities and save on energy costs.
Improve the energy performance of your facilities and production processes by participating in MidAmerican Energy’s Industrial Partners program.
Take advantage of MidAmerican Energy’s rebate incentives for high-efficiency motors to help commercial, industrial and agriculture businesses with energy and bill savings.
If your system does not always run at the same speed, neither should your motors, and adding flexibility to your production process can make a big difference in operational efficiency. A variable speed drive connected to your electric motor regulates the motor speed and torque of the motor-driven equipment to the process requirement, resulting in reduced energy consumption.