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Farm land and windmill
About the program
MidAmerican Energy’s GreenAdvantage program allows Iowa customers to claim a verified renewable energy amount to help them reach their sustainability goals.
The Iowa Utilities Board verifies the amount of renewable energy produced by MidAmerican Energy in a given year. For 2017, that amounted to 50.8 percent of the retail electric load MidAmerican Energy delivered. This allows us to give our Iowa customers the assurance that they are using clean wind energy, harvested in Iowa.
GreenAdvantage program benefits businesses, consumers, Iowa’s economy
The GreenAdvantage program and MidAmerican Energy’s leadership both help position Iowa as a leader in clean, renewable energy. This benefits consumers, existing businesses and those looking for new places to locate.
Launched in 2017, the first-of-its kind value-added GreenAdvantage program emphasizes Iowa’s commitment to locally produced renewable resources. It also helps companies – especially those that emphasize clean energy – build and maintain a sustainable business in Iowa.
Green Advantage Wind Mills