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Natural Gas Line

Gas transportation provides business customers the opportunity to reduce energy supply costs by purchasing their own supply on the open market and delivering their supply to our system.

MidAmerican Energy's natural gas transmission and distribution system consists of approximately 23,000 miles of main and service lines and serves 733,000 customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. We support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Methane Challenge Program by implementing excavation damages best management practices, which help ensure the integrity, reliability and efficiency of our pipeline operations.

A customer's distribution energy charge – the charge to move natural gas across MidAmerican Energy's distribution system to the customer's facility – remains the same.

Our transportation customers use GasMAIN, MidAmerican Energy's gas transportation website, to efficiently and accurately exchange gas transportation information with MidAmerican Energy. Through Internet access, customers and marketers can monitor the company's system conditions, schedule gas for delivery, access usage information, view natural gas tariffs, and communicate directly with Gas Control and their key account manager.

To see if gas transportation is right for your business, contact Bryce Book.