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Our Budget Billing Plan is a free program designed to ease the fluctuation of your monthly bills. Instead of paying your actual energy costs each month, you pay an average amount. Every three, six or 12 months we’ll review your use to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little. After one year, the balance is applied to your account!
Why start a Budget Billing Plan?
Get the convenience of a more predictable bill. Throughout the year, your monthly energy bill fluctuates. Seasons change, heating and cooling costs rise and fall, and energy use varies. This can make it difficult to anticipate your utility bill. That’s why we offer Budget Billing.
What to know about Budget Billing Plans
This is not a discount program. Each year in the month you began your Budget Billing Plan, the balance of your payments will be added to your bill. This could be a charge or a credit, depending on your use and monthly budget billing amount.
If you recently moved or your usage patterns have changed, be sure to discuss the budget amount with one of our representatives to ensure it reflects your average energy usage. Call us at 888-427-5632.
Once you sign up, you will find your budget balance on your monthly bills. There will also be a Budget Billing section on page three of your bill. Be sure to read your budget billing messages every month so you know if a change is coming.
We determine your budget bill amount based on projected energy prices and the cost of the previous 24 months of usage at your home or business. If you have no usage history, we will estimate a budget amount for you. You may prefer to wait until you have established a usage history before you start the Budget Billing Program.