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Our customers want affordable, reliable AND clean energy.
MidAmerican Energy is leading the nation in our quest to provide just that by committing to a 100% renewable energy vision.
In 2017, we hit the halfway mark, delivering 50.8% of our customers’ annual energy needs with renewable energy. When the recently approved Wind XII project is completed, we’ll be positioned to deliver 100% renewable energy to our Iowa customers by 2021.
Investing in renewable energy helps to maintain our low and affordable rates, currently the 9th lowest in the country.
Low energy costs, reliable energy and a focus on developing/transitioning to more and more renewable energy has allowed Iowa’s economy to grow and thrive, providing jobs and expanding opportunities across our service territory.
Renewable Advantage Program
Through the Renewable Advantage Program, MidAmerican Energy customers can make voluntary contributions to renewable energy projects. The program was developed in 2007 in accordance with Iowa law and allows customers to make a one-time or periodic contribution to Renewable Advantage.
The program made it possible for MidAmerican Energy to partner with the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation to use Renewable Advantage contributions and federal grant money to construct several solar installations near the visitors center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Future projects may involve wind, solar, biomass, animal waste/methane or other renewable energy technologies and will be determined by customer interest and participation.
Contributions can be made by calling us at 888-427-5632, completing our online contribution form or through check-off boxes included on monthly MidAmerican Energy bill stubs January through October.